Out of School Hours Care relevant to the communities we serve. Our services are fully integrated and genuinely responsive to the local community and its culture. Parents and children are invited to regularly contribute to the Centre through suggestions, meetings, surveys, and feedback that guides and informs future initiatives. Our centre offers a range of information relevant to the school, the local community and children's health and welfare. Child focused Centre families are reassured that their children are offered stimulating activities, healthy and nutritious food and caring staff who are both professional and supportive. Each Centre is managed by a local Co-coordinator, familiar with the school community and empowered to respond fully and directly to questions and issues as they arise. Centre Co-coordinators create the daily programs and activities in collaboration with children, staff and families. Children's participation in these activities is shared with families through daily journals, photos and written evaluations. Managers are responsible to visit the centre weekly- offering support and training and conducting checks to ensure engaging and development focused work environments for our staff.

Each level of operation is supported by a comprehensive and proven system of policies, procedures, training and supervision to ensure the highest quality service is offered at all times to ensure safe, secure and well cared for children. Parents need a safe and secure place for their children to begin and end their school day. Our staffs are trained to set up and maintain a safe, actively supervised environment. Our centre maintains recommended carer to child ratios.

Every child is signed in and out of each session and un-notified absences are followed up immediately.

Activities are selected and organized to ensure children have fun and stay safe; equipment is strictly checked and monitored and children are involved regularly in discussions relating to their own health and safety. Every aspect of the service provision is documented with internal checks confirm policies and procedures are implemented.

All staff undergo 'Working with Children checks', are First Aid trained and offered regular training in a range of health and safety issues including Allergies and Asthma Management and Safe Food Handling. 

What the Parents says...
My kids look forward to school holidays because I enrol them into the Child Focused program. They always make new friends as well as go on exciting excursions and always have stories to tell us when they get home. Thank you ladies!
Amanda, Auburn
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