Run Throughout National School Holidays

7.00am- 6.00pm

Our fun and interactive school holiday program will bring out the best in your child. We provide a balanced mix of fun and exciting incursions and excursions which will have your child asking for more. Child Focused begins planning vacation care months in advanced to ensure the best of the best is booked for your child’s enjoyment.

In a fun and educational experience your child will experience days where learning about what’s healthy and what’s not, fire safety, exercise and nutrition and many more interesting topics. Each day has a topic which the day’s activities will be based upon. We encourage children to be fit and healthy therefore sports and exercise is a successful contributor to our program.

Some of our topics include:

  • Master chef day
  • Girls day in ( Pamper me day )
  • Mini Olympics Day Etc  
What the Parents says...
My kids look forward to school holidays because I enrol them into the Child Focused program. They always make new friends as well as go on exciting excursions and always have stories to tell us when they get home. Thank you ladies!
Amanda, Auburn
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